About Me

This blog is about me, Andrew.  I am currently living in South East London after 36 years living in Australia. I am broke and not far off running out of money completely.  I don’t like writing so anything I do post has taken a lot of effort and should be applauded.

Some of my favourite Only Fools and Horses quotes are:
  • No Way Pedro
  • You’re Kinky

I don’t like cats, I like dogs but hate having to clean up after them. I enjoy drinking coffee, cider and vodka, in no particular order. My favourite colour varies from day-to-day.

My favorite sports teams are:

  • Manchester United – EPL
  • Australia – Cricket, Football
  • Sydney Swans – AFL
  • Red Bull Racing – F1

I have an eclectic collection of music, and right now cannot decide what genre I like and am constantly disappointed by what I listen to.

I like going to the theatre to see both musicals and plays,  I have a list of what I’ve seen on my Theatre page.

I read as often as I can, but am more than likely catching up with twitter or various news websites I follow and not actually reading a book.